Meet the Play Lab Secret Agent NFT, an awesome collection of 200 NFTs that you’ll want to collect! Holding Play Lab NFT will reward you in Play Lab Tokens!

The earlier you buy, the more you’ll earn!

1-50NFT – 0.25BNB EACH
51-100NFT – 0.29BNB EACH
101-150NFT – 0.35BNB EACH
151-200NFT – 0.45BNB EACH



Each of these NFT has been uniquely designed and exclusively been produced only once, It approximately took 3 hours for each NFT to be created.

Only 200 NFTs will be minted in 4 intervals of 50 each. The pack will contain 20 Rare NFTs and the limited supply will create a trading demand for the NFT.

In the wallet distribution section of the whitepaper you can see a 4% wallet which is reserved for NFT rewards, The reflections that go to the wallet will be distributed amongst the holders of NFT in PlayLab Tokens, We will be maintaining a 4% constant wallet and the rest will be distributed. So this basically works as a reward system of holding without high taxes. Obviously the more NFT you hold the more reflection tokens you get.

The 20 lucky PlayLab NFT holders who get their hands on the rare NFT will be able to participate in the Private presale ( 50-75BNB HC), So this will create a demand for the NFT before the presale as everyone knows the benefits of getting in early.

Play Labs main purpose, as mentioned on the whitepaper is to create a Crypto Powered Gaming Lobby ,so in the long term once the gaming lobby will be developed, In order to join certain game matches where the prize pool will be premium a NFT will be required, So this gives an upper hand for the NFT holders as in order to participate, the holding of PlayLab NFT will be a must.

Once the NFT is all sold out we will create a trading group on Telegram, We are already in touch with Lootex to use their marketplace for our NFTs.

These above reasons incentivizes investors to purchase PlayLab NFTs’ and also provides a purpose to hold the NFT in the short term as well as the long term. We’ve designed and arranged the project concept and tokenomics in such a manner that the NFT holders will be primarily benefited.